BROTZEITGEIST! Brotzeit Bier (wild sourdough ale) from Schneider.


In Germany a name is given to the special time between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner – when folks run out of steam and need a little pick me up. “Brotzeit” or “bread-time” is the name (traditionally just a simple slice of whole grain bread slathered in butter and topped with radishes, cucumbers, cheeses or cured meats). Now, the creative and inspired brewers at Schneider have created a wild sourdough ale that cleverly captures the spirit of these beloved snack mo- ments. It is time …

Schneider’s Brotzeit Bier
wild sourdough ale

Part of head brewer Hans Peter Drexler’s ongoing wild yeast project, it is for now, only available in limited release. However, Brotzeit Bier is not a true “wheat” beer, as are the core of the Schneider beers, containing 50% Rye malt, 33% Barley malt and 20% Vienna malt. Schneider has brought to all of us a very drinkable, slightly sour, pleasingly bready, golden, complex and cloudy ALL-DAY breakfast beer for the people!