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 This is our celebration schedule:

– Saturday the 22nd of September –

12:00 (Noon):
Tapping (& drinking) of the first keg(s) at PROXY’s Walk-In-Theater.
Biergarten opens with a full menu, music and more Oktoberfest Bier.
Suppenküche opens for even more deep Bavarian festival flavor and plenty of Oktoberfest dishes to compliment the delicious liters of German gold.

– Saturday October 6th and Sunday October 7th –

11am – 10pm
Radhaus special Oktoberfest celebration with Special Menu

We're 25 years old


– It’s our birthday !! –
– Party: Thursday, May 17th 2018 – – 5pm –

On May 15th in the year 1993 a modest Bavarian Wirtshaus opened its doors for business, on a corner at the top of a rough and seemingly unremarkable neighborhood in San Francisco. At that time Hayes Valley huddled underneath the central freeway with more one way streets leaving the area than bringing traffic toward it. Wedged between the Tenderloin, the Fillmore, Lower Haight and Market street, it is very far from the charms of southern Germany. After twenty five years this little nook at the edge of the ever changing brave new world is still our sanctuary – come celebrate with us, the past, the friends, the biers, the food, the fun and the future. Formal and creative attire requested. Fancy pants.

As always: Bier specials, music, costumes, limited edition Tshirts (printed on shirts made here in San Francisco by the pros at Ape Do Good).

Stammtischride 2018. Every image for gallery


One good thing about Daylight Savings Time is that it heralds the beginning of Stammtisch Season!
Every Thursday we shall depart at 6:00 pm from Rapha
and arrive at our Biergarten around 8:00 pm.
What happens in-between is our Stammtisch Ride:
This great article by David Reeckmann and This lovely video by Nick Kova describe it best.
Stay tuned to Biergarten on Instagram for further announcements.

STARKBIERZEIT 2018click image for gallery


In German, Stark means strong. We know what Bier means, and Zeit means time … it is now time for strong Bier in Bavaria – and, so it is here in Hayes Valley. In February and March we take time to appreciate the Stronger Biers. ‘Strong’ however, does not refer to the higher alcohol content these Biers contain, but to the “original wort” used in their brewing – indicating the amount of solids the Bier contains. Which for most Doppelbocks amount to roughly a third of a loaf of bread. This is why, even to this day, Biers are often referred to as ‘liquid bread’ (Flüssiges Brot) – originally brewed by Italian monks, who crossed the alps and settled in Munich, to sustain their body and mind during periods of prolonged fasting. Early records show monks in Munich were brewing giant cellars full of Bier by 1328 at the latest. So important was the brewing of Bier to the trade, life, culture and prosperity of Munich, it is no wonder that the word in Bavarian (München) means monk. First the Royals (who funded the monks brewing enterprise), and eventually everyone got a chance to enjoy the delicious, dark and complex strong lager. The first one named ‘Salvator’ (Latin for Saviour) is still brewed by the Paulaner Brewery using the same basic recipe. Today there are at least forty varieties brewed in Bavaria alone, most of which bear the “-ator” suffix in deference to the ur-lager. The Strong Bier Time is celebrated every year around St. Joseph’s Day with Starkbier festivals all over Bavaria, one for almost every brewery. In Munich the Starkbierfest (1751) even predates Oktoberfest (1810).

The histories of Munich’s most beloved brewery (Augustiner) and the first Wheat-Doppelbock (Aventinus) both have something special in common, not just the Reinheitsgebot and numerous awards for three of the world’s greatest strong biers. At very important times both breweries were run by industrious and intelligent women. All played a key role in not only the development of their own respective breweries, but the evolution of the Doppelbock style and Bavarian Bier Culture in general. Terese Wagner took over the running of the Augustiner brewery in 1845 introducing steam power. In 1996 Edith Haberland Wagner, the last direct family member and controlling owner of the Augustiner brewery, passed away, willing her ownership to a foundation she created with a focus on cultural heritage and environmental protection. Today Augustiner is still considered the official Bier of Munich, it’s said their light lager makes up 60% of the total Bier sales in the city. However, the biggest female character in the story of strong Biers is the young widow of George Schneider the third, Mathilda. She broke with Bavarian Doppelbock naming tradition (eschewing the “-ator” suffix) to create the first ever Doppelbock Weisse (strong wheat beer): “Aventinus” – after Aventinustrasse in Munich, the original brewery’s address. It is generally considered the “most intense and complex wheat beer in the world.” Aventinus also has an even more intense little sister – created by accident when transporting the Bier in winter without temperature control. During the long rail journey, the Bier would freeze, and when the ice that formed was removed, what was left was a concentrated stronger ale: “Aventinus Eisbock.” We are extremely grateful for the contributions of these strong women to strong Bier. Prost !!

More malt, more flavor, more fun, double the ‘bock’. It is very easy to discover the attraction of the original Bavarian strong Biers. The Doppelbocks tend toward dark red-brown, almost black, with an off-white to latte-colored thick, creamy head – rich and very malty on the nose. From the first sip look for notes of caramel, toasted bread, brown sugar, roasted nuts, dried figs, licorice, ripe plums, molasses and cocoa powder, hints of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. In the best examples of the style the higher alcohol is very well hidden in the overall drinkable balance of roasted malt, earthy hops and the sweet ripe stone fruit flavors that make Doppelbock the perfect match for the season’s heartier fare. Perfect with aged cheeses, cured sausages, roasted meats, desserts and brunch dishes – or as the monks drink it – in large quantity, without bread, for weeks at a time.



For this year’s holiday consideration:

Suppenküche will be closed for service on Christmas Day. Otherwise open 7 days a week 5-10pm, Brunch every Sunday 10am-2:30pm.

… and, Biergarten will be closed Christmas Day through January 5th 2018, reopening on Saturday January 6th for regular Biergartening, Monday – Saturday 3-9pm, Sunday 1-7pm.

The Suppenküche & Biergarten Art and Timekeeping Department



Oktoberfest 2017click image for gallery


– Saturday the 16th of September –

The world famous two-week party named after the month that follows it, is faithfully recognized by your crazy Bavarian friends in Hayes Valley. That’s us! Get ready for the best of Southern Germany’s party Biers! In solidarity with our brothers and sisters at “the real thing” on the Theresienwiese in Munich, we are taking over the PROXY walk-in-theater on the corner of Hayes and Octavia (next door to the Biergarten) for a high-noon Bier tapping kick off. There will be special surprises, fresh pretzels, pickles, limited edition Suppenküche Art Department 2017 Bier-fest-gear and more! Traditional costumes and gemütlichkeit most welcome.

This is our kick-off celebration schedule:

12:00 (Noon):
Tapping (& drinking) of the first keg(s) at PROXY’s Walk-In-Theater.

Biergarten opens with a full menu, music and more Oktoberfest Bier.

Suppenküche opens for even more deep Bavarian festival flavor and plenty of Oktoberfest dishes to compliment the delicious liters of German gold.

Special thanks to all our awesome and tolerent partners and friends: Ape Do Good, the PROXY walk-in-theater, the HVNA, Andechs Kloster Brewery, the SFPD Northern Station and the SFABC. The Hayes and Octavia site will be controlled by our friends at Shaw Security, no outsied alcohol, all ages welcome, must be 21+ with current ID to consume Oktoberfest beers. Thanks!

BROTZEITGEIST! Brotzeit Bier (wild sourdough ale) from Schneider.


In Germany a name is given to the special time between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner – when folks run out of steam and need a little pick me up. “Brotzeit” or “bread-time” is the name (traditionally just a simple slice of whole grain bread slathered in butter and topped with radishes, cucumbers, cheeses or cured meats). Now, the creative and inspired brewers at Schneider have created a wild sourdough ale that cleverly captures the spirit of these beloved snack mo- ments. It is time …

Schneider’s Brotzeit Bier
wild sourdough ale

Part of head brewer Hans Peter Drexler’s ongoing wild yeast project, it is for now, only available in limited release. However, Brotzeit Bier is not a true “wheat” beer, as are the core of the Schneider beers, containing 50% Rye malt, 33% Barley malt and 20% Vienna malt. Schneider has brought to all of us a very drinkable, slightly sour, pleasingly bready, golden, complex and cloudy ALL-DAY breakfast beer for the people!

ALOHA. Our 24th Year Anniversary Party. May 18th, 2017.


– Official Invitation –
– Thursday, May 18th 2017 –
– 5pm –

Somewhere in the middle of international waters, on the open ocean of imagination, there is an island where fantasy and reality boogie down. We welcome you: pleasure cruisers, fantasy seekers, tourists, merfolk, pirates, gods, demigods, seamen, sea-women, unicorns, castaways, stowaways, friends and neighbors. The planets have aligned for the 24th year anniversary party fun-time of the Suppenküche! Every earth year we indulge in a music fueled DIY costume party / Bavarian beer tasting ho-down – and you are invited! This year’s masquerade ball:

“Fantasy Island”

Bier specials, music, costumes, a photo-booth and more … Including: limited edition Tshirts (this time, printed on shirts made here in San Francisco by the pros at Ape Do Good). Aloha.

RAPHA RIDES SAN FRANCISCOclick image for gallery


June 9-11, 2017 welcomes Rapha Rides San Francisco!

Rapha is touring the globe, sharing their love for cycling by holding events in 20 cities. Our fair city of San Francisco is the second stop on their journey. We welcome you to join us on our regularly scheduled #STAMMTISCHRIDE on Thursday, June 8 and to the events Rapha has planned for the weekend. You can sign-up for their 3-day event here:

The closing party on Sunday will commence after the two-day (150 mile) Transfer Ride
at the Rapha Clubhouse– with local food and drinks by Biergarten from 5-8pm.

Suppenküche and Biergarten support cyclists and their pit teams everywhere. Have a look at this article via featuring Chris Cosentino and Biergarten’s Aaron Hulme where culinary appreciation meets cycling sport.

Sunday Brunchclick image for gallery


The mighty return of a Brunchtime classic: ‘Weisswurst’ — handcrafted by our Hayes Valley neighbors Fatted Calf, floating in bone broth and topped with a fresh Firebrand pretzel.

Brunch at Suppenküche is every Sunday,
10am – 2:30pm